Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where to begin?!?

I haven't posted in FOREVER it seems like!!! SO much has happened since I last blogged. A lot has changed so fast in my life.

Apparently I'm going to become a professional mover! About almost a month ago my originals plans of staying in Fresno got flipped. I ended up having to leave my job and I moved back home for a couple weeks while frantically figuring out my next move. Notice this move was not due to my health. So with a little good luck I was able to work it out with a couple of my old roomies in Sonoma since they hadn't found a house yet for the school year. We found a cute little four bedroom house, filled out applications, signed the lease, and moved in about two weeks later. I'm so lucky that Santa Rosa Junior College also hadn't had class registration for this fall semester yet, so I was able to sign up in time for classes too! I'm also changing my major to Dietetics and want to be a sports nutritionist or a clinical dietician. I was able to sign up for a couple nutrition classes and so far I love them.

My health through all this has done surprisingly well. It's been since April that I last went into the hospital. I think the new switch off of Tobi and Collistin must be doin the trip. I'm hoping I can stay out for over 6 months this time; the goal is to go until Christmas without having to go in. One big thing that I think has helped a lot is that, I definitely tried to not stress at all, which was a little hard, but paid off considering that I haven't gotten sick through all this re-arranging. That's one thing that I have realized about myself; since I know stressing does horrible things for my body, I have become a very care free person and learned to go with the flow on things.

I'll be trying to post way more often as long as I dont get too overwhelmed with school and work. Even though I've been all over these past few months, I'm extremely excited for this next part in my life, because I feel like it's where I'm suppose to be :)

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