Monday, April 19, 2010

Time For An Anti-Biotic?

Deciding whether or not you are getting better, staying the same, or worse, is hard to do. I've been stepping up taking care of myself lately, hoping to stay healthy for my dad's wedding that is coming up this weekend. Unfortunately it's been a struggle. I'm not getting worse, but I'm not getting better either. My allergies hit my sinuses last week and then hello sinuses hitting my lungs! I had a sinus surgery a little over a year ago because my doctors and I decided that my sinuses were always leading to my lung infections. It's a lovely unending cycle for me. I'm probably the worst at taking care of my sinuses too. I hate doing the sinuses rinses, even though they are just as important as any other medication I take.

I called the doctor's earlier and had a long chat with my CF RN Coordinator, Mary. Told her I haven't been feeling great and asked a few other questions as well. You see, this last appointment of mine was the last with my amazing pediatrician (lil kids) Doctor Robinson. I will have a new doctor, staff, and building, next time I go in for a check up. So Dr. Robinson put on two oral anti-biotics; rifampin, for the MRSA cultured in my lungs, and levaquin, for the psuedomonas. Hopefully I will be feeling even better than before after this two weeks of hard core meds.

My day was filled with work, many phone calls, errands, and also work. Overall it was a pretty good day. I even talked to my manager about transferring to the Fresno Buckle when I move in a couple months, and she said she would talk to their manager to make sure it's okay. Yay! Everything right now is falling into place for me, and through it all I'm "growing up".

Psalms 16:9 "Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure."


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