Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Focusing on Those I Love

I have been very blessed with an amazing support system. With everything that I have to do on a daily basis, to when i get really sick, I always have people that I can count on no matter what.

My family has been here with me through it all. I want to thank you all so much for everything you do for me. My momma, Heidi, is ALWAYS there for me, helping me, reminding me, and taking care of me when i need her most. From doin CPT on me when i was younger, to taking me to countless doctors appointments, staying with me when i have to go into the hospital, and supporting me through everything. I love you mom! My little brother, Jesse, keeps me wanting to do better everyday, so I can continue to be his big sister. I love my dad, Donnie, and so thankful that over that past year we have become so much closer; for it has meant to so much to me. Chelsa Aboud, my cousin, is my ispiration. She also has Cystic Fibrosis. I look at my cousin, and I see one of the strongest people I have ever met in my entire life! I look up to her and I always will, because throughout everything she has gone through she always is so positive and always keeps and smile on her face. I love you Chelsa so much!

Not only do I have my family, but I have had someone else that is special to me walk into my life. My boyfriend, Coleman, and I met this past September. From pretty much day one, I was open with him about my Cystic Fibrosis, and he has been so supportive and helpful. Since I've met him I have had a smile on my face everyday. I started getting sick in November. I was just trying to fight off the infection to hold off IV's and having to go into the hospital. Not going to lie, but I was nervous about how he would react to me having IV's and what not. I remember one night when i was a little upset and said that I probably will be going into the hospital next month. His response, "Dont talk like that because I know you are stronger than that." He had faith in me, and that meant so much. Him saying that made me change my perspective that I can change things and that I can fight it. I ended up not having to have IV's till late January. He went with me to my doctor's appointment, when I got my picc line IV in, and even drove back to Redding to stay with me for a few days (which is 5 hours from where he lives). He is amazing! I know that i can count on him, and i thank him for that so much. I love you Coleman.

My best friends. What i would do without them, i have no clue! Everyday, they are here for me. Olivia and Kelsey are truly more than best friends they are my soul sisters. Olivia and I met our freshman year of highschool and have been attached to the hip ever since. I appreciate her so much as she has seen my disease start to progress. She's visited me whenever I go into the hospital, and she definitely knows when I start to get sick and keeps me in check. Kelsey, you are the best positive support system I have. You help me everyday; help me with my treatments, remind me of things, have gone to my doctor's with me, visited me in the hospital. You will always be my Sonoma Mamma :) Olivia and Kelsey I love you both so much and I always will. You both have left more than footprints on my heart!

I know that all these people in my life have helped shaped part of who I am today. They push me when I need to push myself further and yet know when I just need some comfort. I love you all for everything you do!



  1. Brave girl! Thank you for sharing. You are loved.

    Leslie Hall

  2. I am so proud of you and cherish our time together . It is so nice to see God shine through you and to others you touch . You are a inspiration for us all . Love you so much, Dad

  3. Brie, you are such a inspiration, Thank You for sharing your life!! God Bless you...Ronelle

  4. You are an amazing woman are a model of strength and kindness. You are a young woman who I am proud to know. Love Debbie Stickney