Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking it One Breath at a Time

So this morning waking up was a bit a surprise. I couldn't quite breathe, and it took a good ten minutes into my inhaler for me to even feel it working. I ask myself, "Am I getting sick? Again? Already?" No i realize that I kind of slacked off a tiny bit over my little spring break. I wish the spring break meant a break from everything; like including CF. So bummer. I got to step it back up and work my butt off to get back to feeling as my normal self. Hopefully I won't need to start an antibiotic. I hate it when I slack off with treatments. Thats the one thing I will always regret. So someone please tell me why I do it over and over again! I guess I just get tired of it every once and a while; wanting to be "normal."

Anyways after some extra inhalers and a walk around my campus the lungs are working better. Cardio? Cardio. Cardio! I need some more cardio and exercise in my life. I just find working out and stuff like that boring. I know its something i need to get my lungs healthier though. I am hoping to start the P90X workout DVDs soon. I also want to get back into dance this summer after the stress of school is over.

Talking about dancing, my boyfriend came to visit me today (and for the weekend), and we went to one of the fraternities dances. It was a lot of fun! It was some good cardio as well.

I'm so excited that Coleman came to visit me for the weekend. I love you Coleman.
Goodnight everyone!


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