Friday, June 18, 2010

The Best 3hrs of Breathing

For three hours out of the day (at least), I breathe in what feels like the best thing ever. Waking up in the morning, my lungs crave my nebulizers; they crave the antibiotics. Duoneb, the bronchiodialator, that calms my lungs from spams; trying to help them relax and clear mucus with each breath I breathe in. Next comes the Hypersal. Man does Hypersal kick my butt, but the outcome of it later in the day is well worth it. Hypersal is hypertonic saline 7%; extreme salt water for interpretation. Breathing this in is amazing, as it makes the dry thick mucus in lungs hydrated like it should be, so I can actually get things moving and get it out. It irritates my lungs a little and helps me cough stuff out that I normally never would. While I do this, I strap on my vest. My best friend calls it the shake-n-bake. There is no "bake" part but the shake part is very true, as it shakes me and percussions my lungs to move everything around so mucus doesn't build up in one place causing a lung infection. After thirty minutes of that, I start my next neb of Pulmozyme. This helps loosen up mucus and cause it to become thinner; and this one only takes about ten minutes. Lastly, I start the antibiotic nebulizer. This one takes forever, but is my favorite; for it helps me the most. Tobi targets the bacteria psuedomonas that grows in my lungs that the mucus has trapped and made a nice convenient home for. Gee, I sound like a hazard. Tobi, I do as a 28 day cycle and on my 28 days off I do another antibiotic called Coliston. This thirty minutes of nebulizer fights for me what I can't fight. I finish it up with a quick shot of Advair and meds are complete. When I'm done with everything I feel good, I feel great. This is my everyday, every morning and every night routine. It really is a love hate relationship. I hate it because I HAVE to do it, but I love it because I can breathe.

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