Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Daddy,

Thank you so much for everything you do for me, it means the world. I feel terrible that I can't drive home for father's day this year; my first father's day away and hopefully that last. You've always been supportive in my dreams, whether it be dancing my heart out, going to college, or more relevant to today making sure I keep my health in check. One memory that sticks out a lot is the dance "Butterfly Kisses" for Kids Unlimited several years ago. It was the father daughter dance that I got to do ballet in and the daddy's got to join us. I remember the practices at I think it was or one of the middles schools, the outfits with light pink, the picture we took in our outfits, and the dance on stage. Crazy how vivid I can remember it, and how fast time flies! I know I'm growing up, but I will always be your little princess. It was fun though. I know we've had our bumping of heads but this past year or so, our relationship has been blessed. I am thankful everyday that we have become so much closer and that our relationship is continually growing everyday. Now, you need to rest up and let that knee heal, so we can go dirt biking! I hate being away from family and holidays; hopefully I will be visiting home soon. Happy Father's Day Dad, I LOVE YOU!



  1. Wow , Baby you may of not been able to be here for fathers Day , but you were there in my heart . We have some great memories and we will have many many more for years to come. God has so blessed me with two beautiful kids inside and out. I am so proud of you !!! I pray to God daily for your safety where ever he leads you in life and I will always be waiting for you to come home and for your butterfly kisses !

  2. Cute post. I also have CF...and I am an A's fan. Looking forward to following your blog.