Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Job

Growing up is a little difficult. I have a job. I work for my body and Cystic Fibrosis. I've recently learned that CF is a full time job. The moment I wake up it starts by reaching over, grabbing a new nebulizer cup, getting the duoneb med, strapping on my vest, and plugging into my nebulizer; all so I can breahte. Every morning I do this for I'd say at least an hour to an hour and a half. I do that same thing at night. I also do two treatments in the middle of the day when I can fit them in. On top of all that I take many pills every morning, and even more with everything I eat. That's my first job. Of course I also need a job that makes some money.

I finally started working again, since I've moved. I commute about a half an hour away, to work in Fresno at Buckle. Working there so far has been great. All the people I work with are very welcoming and the manager is very nice. I have been put on the team as a part-time employee. I've only ever had a part time job and I have managed it quite well. Keep in mind that my part time jobs have always been at tops around 20 hours a week. When my manager asked me if i wanted some more "full time weeks" thrown into my schedule every now and then I said "Yes," thinking that more hours means more money. Well I got this next weeks schedule and he gave me a full-time week. I'll be working some 8 hour shift. A lot of you might be thinking, "Yea so, not that big of a deal, I work that much everyday." My problem is that I already have one job without Buckle; my CF. So, yes, I am nervous for this up-coming week. I'm resting right now since I have two days off, but I am also praying that my body works with me this next week and doesn't get exhausted, weak, or sick. So, please, pray for strength for me and for my body. Thank you!


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  1. Full time work means resting after work, kiddo. Do your CF stuff and then relax until the morning. It's hard to do, but you'll make it through.

    Do not be afraid to tell your manager you need to cut back hours. If you don't want to talk about your CF stuff, then tell him you have "family obligations" that need to be addressed and part time would work better for you. It's not a fib because your family is obligated to love you and keep you healthy. :-)

    Good luck, working girl.