Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally Moved!

So for a few months now ive been planning this next chapter in my life. I had been planning and trying to make plans to move so I could go to school and work in Fresno; as well as relax. Looking into different living options, I found and was blessed with the perfect set up! I have family in Chowchilla, so my Uncle David is letting me live in a house he owns. I'm now living with my awesome cousin, Colleen, on the almond ranch.

I just moved in yesterday and I am so excited! It's so nice and I cant wait for more fun to come. I had my meeting with the manager at where I'll be working today; so hopefully I get put on the schedule soon. Other than work and having fun my goal here is to relax but still get some exercise that way I can improve my health.

I had my one month check-up at Stanford last friday. I thought I was feeling good, though I did have a feeling I wasnt feeling better than when I got out because I had starting to cough a little that week. Unfortunately, my numbers went down 5% :( I was very disappointed in myself. On the upside of things I had gained weight, now weighing 105lbs!

This was just a little update...more too come and pics of my new place soon!


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